Thursday, April 24, 2014

Is Your Problem An Ant Hill Or A Mountain?

Have you ever felt stuck?

You want to see your life from a new perspective and move forward, but you just can't put your finger on the right way to get the insight you need?

You are looking at things from ground level, going round and round seeing things in the same old way, but never quite getting the perspective you need to really move forward.

Have you noticed how things look completely different when you are seeing them from another point of view?

Is Your Problem An Ant Hill Or A Mountain?

Imagine how an ant hill looks to an ant.

To the tiny ant it looms as high as a mountain!

He enjoys his job going out finding food for his family, but dreads coming back home and having to climb up a mountain to deliver it!

How does that ant hill look to us?

We see an ant hill as a small mound of sand.

Do your problems feel like a mountain?

When you're feeling stuck and your ant hill looks like Mt. Everest, what you need is to see it from a different place.

Because it doesn't loom so large and feel so overwhelming, when you see with a new perspective.

Maybe it is a completely new outlook on your situation that you need!  Look at it from a different place.

 -Harley Storey

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